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Hungary bets on geothermal energy to
ensure energy security

Article by Evelin Szőke, CEENERGY News – 24th October 2022

The Hungarian government decided to support the upscale of domestic geothermal energy, which can reduce the country’s energy dependence by replacing about 1-1.5 billion cubic metres (bcm) of natural gas per year.

A reliable and affordable energy supply is of fundamental importance for the quality of life of Hungarian families, said the Ministry of Technology and Industry of Hungary adding that clean energy sources could provide viable solutions for the prolonged energy crisis…

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The European geothermal sector meets in Berlin to provide the answer to the energy crisis

Article by Carlo Cariaga, Think GeoEnergy – 18th October 2022

The geothermal community meets in Berlin for the European Geothermal Congress 2022 (EGC), in a country that has made geothermal a priority for its energy transition.

More than 1200 participants are joining the European Geothermal Congress this week…

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Croatian geothermal developer secures location
permit to drill Slatina-3 project

Article by Carlo Cariaga, Think GeoEnergy – 14th September 2022

Croatian geothermal firm EES Dravacel has been granted a Location Permit to drill an exploratory well for the planned 20-MW geothermal power plant at Slatina.

Croatian incorporated company EES Dravacel energetika d.o.o (Dravacel) has announced receipt of a Location Permit from the Republic of Croatia Ministry of Spatial Planning and Construction and from the State Property and Administration for Spatial Planning and Permits of State Importance. With this permit, the drilling rig can mobilize to the Slatina-3 project area in preparation for the drilling of the Slatina GT-1 exploration well…

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GEG drills first well for geothermal cooling
project in Northern India

Article by Carlo Cariaga, Think GeoEnergy – 6th September 2022

GEG has reported success on the first well drilled for the GEG Cooling project in Himachal Pradesh, India, and will now push on to the next drilling site.

Icelandic geothermal developer and technology company GEG ehf. has announced tapping into a resource at the threshold temperature needed for the planned geothermal cooling project in the state of Himachal Pradesh in Northern India. This was achieved only a few days after the official kick-off of drilling on August 31. With this development, GEG and the local drilling team will progress to the next drilling site…

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Cindrigo to buy Geothermal Energy specialist
Energy Co-Invest Global Corp (ECG)

Article by Jordan Brodie Farooqui, Proactive Investors – 21st March 2022

Cindrigo Holdings Ltd (LSE:CINH) said it will acquire Energy Co-Invest Global Corp (ECG), which specialises in developing geothermal energy, to expand into the renewable energy sector.

With yearly market growth of 5%-9%, the geothermal market is expected to reach US$7bn-US$9bn by 2026…

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Renewable energy developer Cindrigo targets geothermal development in Croatia

Article by Alexander Richter, ThinkGeoEnergy – 21st March 2022

With the acquisition of company Energy Co-Invest Global, renewable energy developer Cindrigo targets geothermal development in Croatia and acquires large share in Icelandic GEG.

Renewable energy company Cindrigo, focused on geothermal power and waste to energy projects announces having exercised an option agreement entered into, and as announced on 30 November 2021, to acquire the entire issued share capital of Energy Co-invest Global Corp. ECG is an established international energy developer with interests in a broad base of projects within the renewable energy sector, particularly the geothermal energy sector. The Acquisition will give the Company an immediate position in the geothermal energy sector and a strong platform for future growth, in line with its strategy as a clean baseload power developer…

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Cindrigo does not plan to leave Ukrainian energy ops

Article by Ivan Shumkov, Renewables Now – 25th February 2022

Cindrigo Holdings Ltd (LON:CINH), a renewables developer planning incineration projects in Ukraine, does not intend to abandon its business in the country.

In an update to its shareholders on Thursday, Cindrigo said it is very concerned with the current situation in Ukraine and is following the situation closely, but will not withdraw from its activities…

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10 years in Kenya – the geothermal success story of GEG

Article by Alexander Richter, Think GeoEnergy – 15th November 2021

Looking back in pride, Icelandic GEG reflects its 10 year history in Kenya and its partnership with KenGen on the development of wellhead geothermal power generation.

With the win of a tender for a 5.5 MW geothermal pilot plant in late 2009, Icelandic geothermal developer and technology company GEG (then Green Energy Group) entered the international geothermal energy market with the new concept of modular geothermal development with small geothermal wellhead power plants. In an article on its website, the company provides a background on how from the first plant it has developed since a total of 15 geothermal wellhead plants…

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