About Us

CINDRIGO – Environmentally-friendly clean energy producer.

CINDRIGO is a renewable energy company built on broad sector expertise that is focussed on building a high capacity, clean baseload power generation portfolio.

We are primarily targeting geothermal projects in Central Europe, with a first round of projects identified in the Pannonian Basin of Central Europe. With pressures on clean energy supplies globally and power prices forecast to remain high, geothermal energy is expected to contribute significantly to increased clean, domestic decarbonised electricity resources as a unique green baseload power.

The Cindrigo team has a long tradition of providing its clients with high quality, life-time value energy facilities, recognised for their performance, commercial value and low emission levels.

Cindrigo is focussed on becoming a significant renewable energy provider through its consolidation of European geothermal assets. With a solid platform in place, we aim to have contracts in place for geothermal power plant projects with up to 200 MW of installed capacity within a year, up to 450 MW within three years and 1000 MW by 2030, all in a market for geothermal power that is expected reach US$7-9 billion by 2026.

Our Strengths…

  • Energy Developer and Independent Power Producer (IPP) originating from the 1950’s
  • Building on engineering competence and from leading and well-established know how
  • Strategic portfolio with established interests in geothermal projects and defined global growth strategy
  • Exceptional market dynamics with recognised urgent, global demand for clean baseload energy

Every grid in the world needs more clean baseload power