& clean energy

Environmentally friendly
& clean energy producer

Our Vision

Demand for energy is increasing in parallel with the huge problems of handling Household waste and the ban on Landfills. This is why the importance of renewable energy continues to increase in general and in Eastern Europe in particular.

CINDRIGO meets this increased demand while improving the environment, both in terms of reduced emissions, as well as helping to solve the waste problem.

Based on this strong demand and with Swedish experience, know-how and an extensive track record, combined with leading international partners, CINDRIGO aims to establish a business with a broad portfolio of operational Utility assets in multiple markets. In addition, leveraging this ‘know-how’ as a high-margin and successful global operator.


Environmentally friendly clean energy producer

Large demand and strong political support

Risk minimizing with proven technology

Strong leading EPC Partner with bank guarantees

Financing Draft Mandate Letter issued – Financing Secured

Close to construction

Strong product portfolio

Investment opportunity with high upside potential

Aiming for listing increases transparency and liquidity

Shareholder value creation while lowering risk