Lars Guldstrand

CEO & Director

Mr Guldstrand has more than 35 years of executive and international investing experience in the energy, technology, telecom and media sector.

During his career, Mr. Guldstrand has held executive positions in a number of private and public companies in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Africa. Mr Guldstrand is currently serving as the Chairman of Ellge Kapital I Stockholm AB and Bergasols Stiftelse.

Mr Guldstrand started his career in his family business between 1978-1992, thereafter, during 1992-1998 with Telia as CEO Din Del AB, Exec VP Marketing & Business Development for TeleMedia Group, CEO for Local Touch Co (USA), TeleMedia North America LLC (USA) and Telia InfoMedia International (Sweden & USA). Between 1998-2003 he was CEO of Eniro AB (publ) and, between 2004-2007, he was Chairman Monetar Pensionsförvaltning AB (Sweden), Paynova AB (publ) (Sweden), European Directories / Maquiere Capital Scandinavia (Denmark) and Deputy Chairman Golden Pages (Israel). Between 2007-2013 he was CEO of KMW Renewable AB (Sweden), Chairman GKL Growth Capital AB (Sweden), Director Auriant Mining AB (publ) (Sweden) & Director Amari Mining (South Africa).

Mr Guldstrand has a Master of Business Administration from California Coast University.