Alan Boyd

Non-Executive Director

Mr Boyd is a technology, media and intellectual property specialist with a long history of success in Europe, America, Australia and Asia in startup, high-growth and publicly listed technology companies.

He started his career at Microsoft where he was its first Manager of Product Development. Reporting directly to Bill Gates, Mr Boyd managed the development of many of the world’s leading software products that are today household names including Microsoft Office, MS-DOS, Word, Excel, Works and Windows. Mr Boyd was also responsible for Microsoft’s Acquisitions Group which included formulating and implementing its highly successful licensing and acquisitions strategy and he is seen by many as being instrumental in shaping the global technology sector and the fledgling technology investment sector in the early 1980s.

After its IPO, Mr. Boyd left Microsoft in 1986 and went on to invest in infrastructure and technology companies globally, whilst also advising government agencies including in the USA and China. He also co-founded St Banks International Group, a Shanghai-based boutique investor, and Smart City Software in 2011 to acquire the technologies needed for China’s smart city development program. For more than 35 years Mr Boyd has served as a non-executive director of a number of public and private companies in the UK, USA, Australia and China in the Information Technology, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Media, Telecoms, CleanTech, Consumer Electronics, Education and Financial Services sectors.